Town Information

Town History

The Town of Plum Lake, encompassing the two towns of Sayner and Star Lake, had its modest beginnings on April 11, 1911, when it was created out of territory detached from the Town of Arbor Vitae.  The first town meeting was held in Sayner on April 14, 1911.  Sayner got its name from Orrin W. Sayner, who settled the area in 1891, two years before any other settlers took up homes in the town.  A place called Camp 1 got the name of Star Lake in memory of Harry Starr, who was killed while working on the construction of a railroad bridge across the mill hot pond.  The lake was named Starr also.

Area:  85.7 square miles; Population: 555; Town Government: Three person elected town board, elected part-time Clerk, and elected part-time Treasurer

Town of Plum Lake Office Hours

Mondays - 10am-2pm and 5:30pm-7:30pm

Tuesdays - 10am-2pm

Wednesday - 10am-2pm

Thursday - 10am-2pm

Fridays - By Appointment

Area Organizations

Northland Pines School District
Nicolet Technical College (715) 365-4493
Northland Pines High School (715) 479-4473
Northland Pines Middle School (715) 475-6479
St. Germain Elementary School (715) 542-3632
Sayner Community Church
Shepherd of the Lakes Lutheran Church (715) 542-3701
St. Mary Catholic Church (715) 385-2390
Post Office
Sayner Post Office (715) 542-3360
Clubs / Groups
Friends of Plum Lake Library
Friends of Star Lake
Plum Lake Association
Plum Lake Lakes Committee
Plum Lake Lions Club
Sayner - Star Lake Lions Club
Sayner Barnstormers
Sayner-Star Lake Chamber of Commerce
Star Laker's Club
Vilas County Historical Society
Woman's Club