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Town of Plum Lake Operator's (Bartenders) License April 17, 2024
Town of Plum Lake Fee Schedule 2.13.2024 February 14, 2024
August 10, 2023

Following is the link to complete the Vilas County Uniform Address Application:

Vilas County Uniform Address Application


Town of Plum Lake Driveway Permit June 8, 2023

Send completed application along with $100 payment to: Town of Plum Lake, PO Box 280, Sayner, WI  54560

Updated County Driveway Permit
State HWY Driveway Application
Fire Number Application

Send completed application with check for $100.00 to: Town of Plum Lake, PO Box 280, Sayner, WI 54560

Event Permit Application
2020 Vilas County Alarm Permit
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