Final Town Lakes Management Plan is now available.

The Town of Plum Lake comprehensive lake management planning project is complete. The report and plan that resulted from the three-phase project has been approved by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

The Lakes Committee is pleased to announce the final Town Lakes Management Plan.  We received comments on the draft plan in July of 2022 and those comments have been considered in the final plan.  

The report and plan was the result of a three-phase project supported by grants from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.  The plan will guide the Lakes Committee in their focus for conservation actions in future years.

The directory for the report is shown below.  A printed copy of the report is available for reference at the Town Office or from Bob Jackson, Chair of the Lakes Committee.

Town of Plum Lake Comprehensive Management Plan – Final

Town-wide Comprehensive Management Plan (Page 1-127)

This document discusses the information collected as a part of the three-phased project from a town-wide prospective.  It also includes explanations of how the data are collected and analyzed, and why it is important.  This document should be reviewed first and used a reference while viewing the individual lake sections.

The town-wide implementation plan can be found near the end of this document.

The Methods and Literature Cited Sections can also be found in this document.

The documents below contain the information and discussions for each lake in the three phased project.  The maps created for each lake are contained within the lake’s document.

Plum Data and Discussion (Page 128-161)
West Plum Data and Discussion (Page 162-184)
Star Data and Discussion (Page 185-219)
Little Star Data and Discussion (Page 220-247)
Ballard Data and Discussion (Page 248-278)
White Birch Data and Discussion (Page 279-304)
Laura Data and Discussion (Page 305-332)
Irving Data and Discussion (Page 333-358)
Big Muskellunge Data and Discussion (Page 359-389)
Razorback Data and Discussion (Page 390-422)

Appendix A (93 pages)
Appendices B-F (247 pages)


Wednesday, February 1, 2023